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Rick Emond


Rick Emond​
Illustrator/Writer/Graphic Novelist

     Rick Emond is a Connecticut native and entrepreneur specializing in concept and development in Writing, Illustration and Concept Design for Comics/Graphic Novels, TV and Film.  Rick began his career apprenticed to illustrator Sal Trappani, during that time Rick got his professional start tasked with inking and illustrating assignments on various popular Marvel and DC titles among others.  He also became involved in the creation of illustrations for many top Role Playing and collectible Card Game companies including Wizards of the Coast’s, “Magic the Gathering”.  Rick made the move to advertising and marketing but was drawn back to his first love of creating sequential story telling illustrations (COMICS), and returned to the entertainment field where he has served as freelance creative director and graphic designer/ Illustrator/ storyboard artist, concept developer and poster artist for game, film and comic/graphic novel projects.  This including storyboard artist and illustrator for a TV/web based series that was under developed for MTV.  Rick has worked with award winning authors and filmmakers in New York City, LA and as far away as India and China.  Rick has recently been working as illustrator and visual concept developer for VR Press on their live action Web and Comics series “Venus Rises”, and on a team of talented illustrators developing an online comic series for LNL Partners, to create motion comic art for a William Shatner’s: Man O War, and new project recently completed for POW/ Stan Lee, titled: God Woke.  At present Rick has immersed himself in writing projects for film, television and graphic novels based on his concepts of his own creations.

Illustrator / writer / Designer / Comic Book and Graphic Novelist / Storyboard Artist  and Movie Poster Designer.  

Rick has illustrated for MTV, Marvel, DC Comics, LNL Partners and numerous Role Playing and collectible Card Games including Magic The Gathering for 
Wizards of the Coast.  Rick has illustrated an original SciFi comic series Venus Rises and three of my own original Graphic Novel series, Children of the Ashes and Dominion's Gate and Once Removed, in production.  He has worked as illustrator on online LNL Partners, Cinematic Graphic Novel series, MAN o WAR based on the novels of noted SciFi celebrity William Shatner and a project based on a story written by Stan Lee, God Woke.  Oscar winner, Silvio Tebet’s Tara.  Rick has created Concept Art, Story Boards, Movie Posters, Comics/Graphic Novels and Book Covers for Print and Film projects. 

Rick Emond
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